Cash for clubs in desperate need of financial support

Business telecommunications company, Croft Communications, has launched
their ‘Grassroots Initiative’, designed to support sporting communities across the
UK by reinvesting valuable cash into local sports clubs – and Jenkins Soft Tissue Therapy fully supports the scheme.

🔺The scheme will help raise money for a variety of sports across the UK.

The initiative aims to raise cash for clubs in desperate need of financial support,
providing an essential lifeline to the many sporting organisations struggling to
survive due to the impact of the pandemic.

Launched with the backing of the Welsh Sports Association (WSA)

The initiative is backed by the Welsh Sports Association, which recently
partnered with Croft Communications and urged its members to get involved.

“The Grassroots Initiative offers clubs the chance to generate additional funds which could be invaluable in helping community sport get back to full fitness. I urge all members and clubs to consider the initiative to save them money, generate much needed funds and to recognise the tangible benefits of their investment.”

Victoria Ward, Chief Executive of the Welsh Sports Association

Clubs, members and businesses (including not-for-profits) who sign up to the
Grassroots Initiative and take out business communications with Croft, including
fast connectivity solutions, business mobile phones, thermal imaging cameras,
IT support and more, will have a percentage of their total spend reinvested into
a local sports club of their choice. The money can be put towards facility
upgrades, staff retention, or to rescue the club by aiding with any outstanding
financial difficulties.

🔺Money raised can be used towards facility upgrades, staff retention, or to rescue the club by aiding with any outstanding financial difficulties.

Croft are initially pledging to support 200 clubs through the scheme on a firstcome, first-served basis.

On average, a club has the potential to receive over £900 per year from Croft
Communications. With over 150,000 grassroots sports clubs across the UK, this
investment could run into £millions over time.

“We’re delighted to announce the launch of our ‘Grassroots Initiative’, as well as our partnership with the Welsh Sports Association. It’s been a challenging time for sports clubs and their communities over the past year and we hope our scheme will provide the kick-start many clubs need to get back on their feet. Over the coming months, we hope to generate some much-needed extra income for clubs and enable grassroots-level sport to flourish once again.”

Jon Poole, Director of Partnerships, Croft Communications

Find out more

To take advantage of the partnership and secure this funding, telephone: 01920
449201 or email jon.poole@croftcommunications.co.uk.

We urge current and past clients to visit The Grassroots Initiative to find out more.

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