Expert Indian Head Massage Treatments in Evesham

Known as “Champi” or “Champissage” in Hindi or Urdu, Indian Head Massage has been practiced for over 1000 years across India. With its routes in Ayurvedic medicine, Indian Head Massage became popular in the UK in the 1970s. There are over 40 massage techniques that can be used during this treatment, which when combined with Deep Tissue and Remedial Massage techniques our Indian Head Massage Treatment can have both a powerfully invigorating and relaxing effect!

What Treatment Techniques are used?

This unique massage treatment focuses on the upper back, shoulders, neck, head and face.

You can expect;

  • Tapotement
  • Friction
  • Compression
  • Therapeutic stretching
  • Effleurage & Petrissage
  • Focused breathing
  • Stimulating of Marma points

These techniques are applied in a rhythmical nature, working with your nervous system to calm and relax your body and mind.

What are the Benefits of Indian Head Massage?

At Jenkins Soft Tissue Therapy we believe that touch is a power tool to help reconnect the mind and body. The body’s soft tissue structures are interconnected with layers of fascia, this fascia is innovated with nerves which help us sense, touch and feel our world around us. Stress and injury can have a profound effect on the nervous system and how the body adapts to these mechanical stresses can cause pain and tension – especially in the head, neck & shoulders! Throughout your treatment your massage therapist will work with you to understand and relieve any problem areas and release tension in tired and over worked muscles.

Benefits include;

  • Relief from tension-type headache
  • Relief from jaw and neck pain
  • Boosts mood and reduced stress
  • Therapeutic relief whilst recovery from injury
  • Relief from sleeplessness and restlessness
  • Increased hair thickness

Who Is This Treatment For?

Indian Head Massage is a great treatment for anyone looking for deep relaxation, suffering from upper body tension or who struggle with lying down on a massage couch. If you suffer from tension type headaches an Indian Head Massage might just be the massage treatment you are looking for to help release those hard to reach areas around the head, neck & shoulders.

What differentiates Indian Head Massage from other Massage Treatments?

Unlike traditional massage treatments such as Deep Tissue or Hot Stones where you are lying down on a massage couch, you will receive your Indian Head Massage treatment from a seated position. From here your massage therapist can easily access those hard to reach areas around your head, neck & shoulders. This is the only massage treatment we offer that also massages the face, which can be incredibly soothing for those suffering from tension in their jaws and scalp. Using light stroking and percussive movement your massage therapist can help relieve trigger points in this area.

How to Book

You can book a 1 hour Indian Head Massage at any time as part of our mobile massage service across Evesham and the surrounding area. For those who enjoy regular massage, treatment bundles are available and can be booked online via our website, or you can call us on 07366 377107 for more information or to book your treatment over the telephone.