What precautions is my massage therapist taking against Covid19?

As restrictions begin to ease across the UK a lot of our clients, old and new have started to enquire about booking a massage treatment. Government restrictions over the last year have meant that a number of businesses have been either closed or only able to operate under strict regulations. Anxiety as restrictions lift is a very real thing, with many people concerned about how life will return to normal – if at all.

Here at Jenkins Soft Tissue Therapy we take the safety and wellbeing of all our clients very seriously, so as we start to offer our mobile massage service across Evesham area we have put together this up-to-date Covid-19 information to keep you informed about what we are doing to protect your safety and wellbeing.   

Pre-appointment consultation

Either over the phone, via zoom or WhatsApp we now offer our free consultation virtually. This gives you the chance to discuss your injury and any questions you might have with you therapist. Your therapist will also take this opportunity to ask you about your health and whether you have been experiencing any covid-like symptoms recently. Remember, we take your health and wellbeing very seriously, so if you do feel unwell for any reason let us know! We will be happy to reschedule your appointment, free of charge. 

Vaccinations & testing

Your therapist is vaccinated against Covid-19, however some of our customers might not be vaccinated due to ineligibility, medical contraindications/ exemptions or personal preference. Your therapist also takes regular lateral flow tests in line with best practice guidelines; if you have any questions ahead of your appointment or think that you are displaying covid symptoms please do not hesitate to contact us.

Phone call on arrival

On the day of your appointment keep your phone nearby. You don’t want to miss your therapist calling you to say they have arrived! To reduce coming into contact with unnecessary surfaces your therapist will refrain from touching doorbells and door knockers. Covid19 can spread when we come into contact with contaminated surfaces. We will call you when we have arrived and are ready to enter your home.

Temperature check

In line with best practice you will be asked to take a temperature check on our arrival. Although the main symptoms of Covid-19 include a new continuous cough and a loss of your sense of taste and smell, a temperature check is still a useful tool in guarding us against the spread of any illness. 

Face coverings 

Your therapist will wear a face covering and a visor during your treatment. This is to minimise the amount of small particles that enter the atmosphere when we exhale. We are all well aware that Covid19 spreads from person to person from respiratory droplets and this simple barrier can help reduce the chance of these droplets reaching you. We kindly request that you too wear your mask once your therapist has arrived and for the duration of your treatment (with the exception of when you are lying facedown on the couch). If you are exempt from wearing a mask please let your therapist know during your initial consultation so that you can discuss other modifications that we can put in place. 

Non-latex gloves

In line with current best practice guidelines your therapist will be wearing gloves for the duration of your treatment. This will not affect your treatment in any way, but as your therapist may visit other customers in the same day wearing gloves acts as an extra precaution against the spread of Covid19. If you have an allergy or any question please do let your therapist know.

Soft furnishings & cleaning 

You may notice that your therapist will clean down their massage bed, including any face cradles, hand rests and pillows before and after your treatment. All bed and cradle covers are single use only. We no longer supply towels and therefore kindly ask that all our clients have one large towel and two small towels ready for their treatments. 

Extra handwashing 

Your therapist will need to wash their hands before and after your treatment. We kindly request that you have a sink or WC for us to use.

Find out more

Please call 07736 377107 if you have any questions regarding this update, or to find out more about how we are prioritising your safety during this time.